15mm High Commercial Door Aluminium Threshold Seal Kit

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15mm High Commercial Door Aluminium Threshold Seal Kit
This 15mm commercial door threshold seal kit was created to protect business premises and garages by providing them with waterproofing. This is due to the two seals found on the bottom of the threshold seal both of which use material you may recognise from our other products.

The aluminium and the durable PVC material combine to create a watertight seal which will make sure that no rainfall or windswept debris will be making its way into your garage or business premises. If you are looking for something to keep your garage clean and dry, then look no further than our garage door seals.

What Makes The 15mm Commercial Door Threshold Seal Worth Getting?
The seal is ideal for business premises where there is a lot of traffic with machinery such as forklifts, or pallet trucks passing through, while also being low enough to where there won’t be an issue for vehicles to pass over it. On top of that we care about the customer and therefore every kit we sell will come with all required fittings for the installation, all the screws, concrete fixings, and everything else you may need to complete it.

These seals also dissuade rodents, vermin and as an example, field mice from entering the premises or slipping underneath the gap, as with our seals affixed properly there should be no gap between the commercial or garage door and floor.

What Is This Product Made Out Of?
The reason this 15mm commercial door threshold kit is so strong and durable is because it’s made of interlocking sections of aluminium which are then joined together with a flat bar insert in order to keep them stable and solid. As well as providing additional rigidity, it also makes the threshold easier to install.

Due to the thermoplastic inserts on either side of the threshold, when the fixing screws are properly inserted it creates a barrier under which water and debris can’t pass therefore keeping your garage or warehouse absolutely spotless. The bottom seals are supplied in one continuous length along the full length of the threshold, creating a complete, seamless seal.

The Kit Includes:
Aluminium Section(s) to form the base of the threshold
Bottom insert seals to create a watertight seal
Concrete fixings 6x60mm
1 x T30 screwdriver bit (for use with an electric screwdriver)
Flat Bar Insert(s) to secure the sections
Grub Screws
Allen Key
Fitting Instructions with a step-by-step guide

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