15mm High Garage Door Trade Coil Seal

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The 15mm garage door trade coil seal is an option that we offer to resellers and installers. The coil will last for multiple jobs and multiple sells, allowing you a lot of freedom on how to best use the product according to your needs.

How Can I Use This 15mm Trade Seal Coil?
The main advantage of this compared to buying a single threshold seal is that it can be cut to length to complete multiple installations providing a more cost-effective option. If you have multiple doors in a project or you regularly install our thresholds, then the trade coil is the perfect option.

If you follow our fitting instructions found in this video you will be able to apply all our threshold seal options with no issues. They are extremely easy to install and will leave any client you have happy with the finished product. If you instead would like to resell it, you can point the customers to the same video or hand them the fitting instructions included with the trade seal.
No Adhesive
The adhesive is not included with this product, but can be purchased separately

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