40mm Garage Door Top Seal Draught Stopper

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40mm Black Garage Door Top Seal Polyvinyl Chloride Rubber Seal
Our garage door top seal has been designed to act as a draught stopper which means it will stop air getting into or escaping the garage. They are available in a bright white or a stylish black depending on your needs and garage door. It usually seems to be best to blend it into the colour of the garage door, but you can choose either of the two that suits your fancy. It is also available in two kit sizes which are 2.44m and 3.05m; multiple lengths can be butted together for wider doors.

How Does The Garage Door Top Seal Work?
The top seal creates a seal between the garage door and frame which then stops draughts from coming into the garage, this serves to conserve heat within the garage and reduce your energy bills. It is made from dual-extrusion, durable thermoplastic which is also UV stabilised. This means that it won’t discolour in sunlight and will not degrade at all when exposed to rain and strong winds.

The top part of the seal is rigid and can be screwed into the door’s frame, while the lower, flexible section will allow the garage door to be opened and closed without any issue. If you are more interested in sealing the sides of the garage door you can always look at purchasing one of our garage door side seals, which will help you with that.

The garage door top seal is able to seal gaps of up to 40mm high between the door and frame and it simply just makes the garage door look better by eradicating the unsightly gap. It isn’t simply for the aesthetics, but it is a bonus of the seal. It also makes it harder for any nasty insects or the like to make their way in through the top of the garage door, as the top seal will stop them in their tracks before they make it there.

What Should I Be Aware Of Before I Buy This Garage Door Top Seal?
Something that you may want to consider before buying either length of the product is that the 3.05m garage door top seal always comes with two 1.525m sections, which can be attached together. Multiple lengths can be easily joined together without a visible join for wider doors. This product can only be used with up-and-over garage doors, so please be aware of this before you decide to purchase this product. 

The Kit Includes:
top seal length(s)
Zinc wood screws and washers
Fitting instructions

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