40mm Garage Door Water Barrier Seal With Adhesive Prevents Water

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This 40mm garage door water barrier kit was created to act as a larger stopper in areas where flash flooding is more common. This is due to the size of the seal being so tall at 40mm. It not only acts as an effective way of waterproofing your garage, but it also keeps out all debris such as leaves flying in or dust making its way inside.

This water barrier provides you with a clean and dry garage at all times of the year. Additionally the seal itself can be used as a water diverter across a driveway to direct the water elsewhere.

There are a lot of variants that you can pick from, if this seal doesn't suit your needs, maybe something less tall will be better for you. As an example you can look at our 25mm garage door seal here.

How Does Our Garage Door Water Barrier Work?
Our 40mm seal is ideal for areas where you can expect to see a lot of water. This is because the seal and the adhesive provided combine to create a watertight seal. This will stop any and all water from entering your garage.

It will also reduce the moisture levels in your garage fully, so if you have any iron tools and equipment then getting a garage door water stop makes perfect sense as your tools will always be in working order.

Due to its tallness a lot of rodents such as rats or mice will be deterred from setting foot in your garage, the seal fills up any large gap that they could slip between in order to enter.

What Type Of Doors Are Suitable For A 40mm Garage Door Water Barrier?
Despite it’s size this garage door water barrier will work on any garage doors, whether they be for a commercial or a domestic application. The doors it will work on include sectional and side-hinged doors where the water barrier works very well and then it can also be used for both the roller shutter door used in a lot of warehouses and especially the up-and-over classic garage door.

Due to the tough material used to make it, it’s also safe to be driven over by almost any vehicle. Please check our weight chart on the buyer’s guide in order to make sure that your vehicles can drive over it.

What Material Is Used To Make This Garage Door Seal?
All our garage door threshold seals are made from the same extremely durable PVC material, what you see online are plenty of rubber garage door threshold seals. However, our seal is completely different, firstly it will never become brittle or break because the plastic material is designed to be long-lasting. Additionally, by buying this seal you are being environmentally friendly as the product is fully recyclable.

The kit includes:
40mm Garage Door Water Barrier Threshold Seal
Adhesive with the quantity listed on the drop down for the installation
5-year warranty

7'3" (2.21m) x 85mm Width x 15mm Thick With 1 Adhesive
8'3" (2.52m) x 85mm Width x 15mm Thick With 2 Adhesive
10'3" (3.12m) x 85mm Width x 15mm Thick With 2 Adhesive
12'3" (3.73m) x 85mm Width x 15mm Thick With 2 Adhesive
14'3" (4.34m) x 85mm Width x 15mm Thick With 2 Adhesive
16'3" (4.95m) x 85mm Width x 15mm Thick With 3 Adhesive
18'3" (5.56m) x 85mm Width x 15mm Thick With 3 Adhesive
20'3" (6.17m) x 85mm Width x 15mm Thick With 3 Adhesive

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