IBC Spill Pallet (For 1 x 1000ltr IBC (Deck)) BB3G

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This IBC spill pallet is fully compliant with the UK 110% bund regulation and is specifically designed for use with most common footprints of 1000ltr intermediate bulk containers (IBC). The integral support columns have been modified to accommodate a grid-mesh (optional) which should be used when working with an IBC with a metal pallet base; otherwise, you can still sit the IBC directly onto the support columns.

To the front of the spill pallet is a built-in 260mm deep decanting area which allows any leaks/drips to be contained within the sump and as you would expect the unit has broad range chemical compatibility.

Length 1735mm
Width 1455mm
Height 715mm
Sump capacity 1125ltr
Colour Yellow
Tare weight 77kg (91kg including grid mesh deck)
Optional grid mesh code RGRID 1200x1200
UDL 1500kg
Approval DIBt Z-40.22-398

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