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The garage door side seal kit has been designed to fit around the side of the garage door in order to prevent draughts.
Due to this it conserves heat within the garage, this in turn will reduce the amount of money you will be paying in energy bills due to more heat being preserved within the garage. If you are perhaps looking for a solution for the bottom of a garage door then you can view our entire range of garage door seal kit products here.

An additional benefit of applying a garage door side seal is that it will help to reduce the effect condensation can have on everything in your garage. If you work with many steel or iron tools or have a lot of metal parts making up the inside of your garage, you may want to simply consider getting one so that rusting doesn’t affect your work.

What Are The Main Features Of This Product?
First of all, the product is available in three distinct sizes:

5.0m (16’4”)
10.0m (32’8”)
20.0m (65”6’)
When buying make sure that you pick the appropriate size.
Simply measure the height of your garage door in order to get the correct length.
This products creates a seal between the sides of the garage door and the frame which is designed to stop draughts from going inside the garage. When applied properly you should not feel any wind going through the sides.
This will also trap the heat inside which means that when you are either working in there on a DIY project or in a garage gym you will be kept warmer throughout the year.

Additionally, the product is supplied with zinc screws and washers which will help you during the installation and make it go smoothly. The screws and washers are supplied to make it simpler to install the seal, you can simply screw it into the door/frame which will then protect your garage from any draughts. If you are more worried about heat escaping from your garage, then you can also view our garage door insulation kits here which can help you.

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know About Your Garage Door Side Seal?
This product is ONLY designed to be used with up-and-over garage doors, and they will not work on any other type of garage door. The garage door weather seal will seal gaps up to 22mm wide and will instantly improve the appearance of any garage door, this is due to it covering up the gaps on the sides. It is also extremely easy to install, and you will feel the effects almost instantly.

If you find that you have gaps at the top of your up-and-over garage door we also have a top seal available which you would be able to use in tandem with this side seal in order to fully protect your garage. You can check out our top seals by clicking here, if this is a problem you may be encountering with your up-and-over garage door.

The Kit Includes:
Flexible thermoplastic side seal strip
Zinc wood screws and washers
Fitting instructions
The garage door side seal kit has been designed to prevent draughts and conserves heat inside the garage, which can reduce the damaging effects of condensation, namely rusting.

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