Black Overbanding Tape Asphalt Joint Repair Strip 50mm

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Black Overbanding Tape Asphalt Joint Repair Strip 50mm
Tarmac asphalt joint repair tape is a specific type of overbanding tape designed for repairing and sealing joints in asphalt surfaces. These joints can develop due to factors such as expansion and contraction of the pavement caused by temperature changes, traffic loads, or settling of the ground beneath the asphalt.

The repair tape is typically made of a flexible and durable material, often a polymer-modified bitumen, that adheres well to asphalt surfaces. It is applied over the joints or cracks in the asphalt to create a waterproof seal, preventing water ingress and protecting the underlying pavement from further deterioration.

Surface Preparation: Clean and prepare the asphalt surface by removing any debris, loose material, or vegetation from the joints or cracks.

Application: Apply the tarmac asphalt joint repair tape directly over the joint or crack. The tape is usually self-adhesive, allowing for easy installation.

Sealing: Ensure proper adhesion and use a roller or hand tool to firmly press down the tape, creating a tight seal over the joint.

Curing: Allow the repair tape to cure or set according to the manufacturer's instructions. This may involve a waiting period for the adhesive to bond effectively with the asphalt.

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