Buffer (152mm x 52mm x 50mm)

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The Buffer (152mm x 52mm x 50mm) is a component designed to absorb shocks, dampen vibrations, and provide protection in mechanical and industrial systems. Its dimensions, measuring 152 millimeters in length, 52 millimeters in width, and 50 millimeters in height, make it suitable for various applications requiring robust cushioning.

Key features of the Buffer:

  • Durable Construction:  This buffer is made from material of rubber.
  • Dimensional Stability: Precise dimensions (152mm x 52mm x 50mm) ensure consistency in size and shape, facilitating compatibility with different systems and components.
  • Easy Installation: The Buffer is designed for convenient installation using standard fastening methods such as screws, bolts, or adhesive bonding.
  • Enhanced Safety: Minimizing vibrations and shocks contributes to a safer working environment for personnel, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries associated with equipment malfunctions.
  • Universal Compatibility: Its versatile design allows compatibility with various types of machinery, equipment, and structures, making it a universally applicable solution.

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