Clear Euro Slot Small Rigid Hang Tabs

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Clear Euro Slot Small Rigid Hang Tabs
Hang tabs are designed specifically for loop hooks and single hooks. Repair broken packaging with hang tabs or add them to merchandise without pre-punched holes to hang items from a hook.

Size and Design:
Small size: These hang tabs are designed to accommodate smaller products or items.
Euro slot: They usually have a Euro slot design, which is a standardized slot used in retail displays across Europe. The Euro slot allows easy placement on peg hooks.

Rigid: The hang tabs are made of a rigid material, which provides stability and durability.

Adhesive backing: They often come with adhesive on one side, allowing for easy attachment to products or packaging.

Versatile use: Small rigid Euro slot hang tabs are suitable for various retail environments, including supermarkets, convenience stores, and other point-of-sale locations.

Product Display:
Hanging merchandise: These hang tabs are used to hang products on display hooks, making it easier for customers to see and access items.

Promotional Displays:
Promotions and marketing: Retailers often use hang tabs for promotional displays, allowing them to highlight special offers or discounted products.

Packaging enhancement: Manufacturers may use hang tabs as part of product packaging to make their items more retail-friendly.

Ease of Use:
Convenient: Small rigid Euro slot hang tabs are designed to be easy to use, allowing for quick and efficient merchandising.

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