Clear Plastic Sticky Hanging Tabs - 500Pcs

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Clear Plastic Sticky Hanging Tabs - 500Pcs
Durable materials: these sticky hanging tabs are made of reliable pvc plastic, strong and durable, which can stably hang your products and the transparent color will not block the product information, so that can better display the goods on your shelves

Perfect for displaying and organizing product in stores, at shows or at home. Hang tabs are made with a strong PVC plastic and bond securely to package. Equipped with a perforated edge for easy dismantling when you no longer wish to hang.
Thoughtful design: Our transparent plastic labels adopt self-adhesive and foldable design, which is easy to use, space saving, sticky and not easy to fall off, but not suitable for hanging items over 5 ounces
Transform your cluttered shelves into an organized and visually appealing display with the help of our Hang Tabs. These handy tools help you arrange your products with ease, making it more straightforward for customers to navigate and find what they're looking for and for you to keep track of low-stock items.
Size: 50mm x 50mm
Thickness: 180 Micron

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