Clear Polytunnel Repair Tape 33m Roll

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Clear Polytunnel Repair Tape 33m Roll
Clean the Surface: Ensure that the area around the damage is clean and free of dirt or moisture. This helps the tape adhere better.

Cut the Tape: Measure and cut the repair tape to a size that covers the damaged area with some overlap.

Apply the Tape: Carefully apply the tape over the damaged area, pressing it firmly to ensure good adhesion. Make sure there are no air bubbles or wrinkles.

Smooth and Seal: Smooth out the tape to ensure a tight seal. Some tapes may require additional pressure or heat to activate their adhesive properties fully.

Colour: Clear
Extra Strong & Extra Sticky Tape Gives Secure Fix
One Sided Sticky Tape
Use to repair damage to polytunnels
Works with polytunnel covers & greenhouse covers
Restore & repair your greenhouse
Prevent further wear & tear to your greenhouse
Avoid costly replacement covers

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