Clear Self Adhesive Double Strength Hang Tabs - 1000Pcs

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Clear Self Adhesive Double Strength Hang Tabs - 1000Pcs
Adhesive Backing: Like other hang tabs, butterfly hang tabs typically have an adhesive backing, allowing them to be easily attached to products without the need for additional tools.

Perforations or Score Lines: Butterfly hang tabs usually have perforations or score lines that enable them to be folded into a compact shape when not in use. This design helps in reducing storage space and makes it more convenient for transportation.

Durability: Hang tabs are often made from durable materials to ensure they can securely support the weight of the product they are intended to hang.

Slots or Holes: Butterfly hang tabs often have slots or holes that allow them to be hung on peg hooks or other types of display fixtures.
Size: 96mm x 43mm
This will be folded in half of the 96mm

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