Engineering Plastic Tufnol 1P/13 Sheet - 8mm To 12mm

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  • A very strong plastic & rigid plastic
  • Lightweight
  • Economical
  • Reasonable low voltage insulation


  • Can chip if high impact
  • Not for high voltage applications
  • Low flame retardancy


  • This grade is described as the “general purpose” grade, it often gets used for router jigs, fixtures, guides, and some basic tooling

What should 1P/13 Tufnol Sheet not be used for:

  • Not really for high wear applications or for high voltage electricity applications

1P/13 Tufnol Sheet machine:

  • 1P/13 grade will machine up quite well with carbide cutter but will generate a fine yellow dust

1P/13 Tufnol Sheet be Glued and bonded:

  • This grade is easily bonded with many commercially available adhesives such as Araldite, epoxies, and contact adhesives

1P/13 Tufnol Sheet suitable for Food applications:

  • IP/13 is not suitable for constant contact with food

1P/13 Tufnol Sheet good for wear resistance:

  • This grade is more for general purpose use, it will stand being used as a router jig and will give a reasonable life but the Whale grade is certainly more designed for wear resistance

1P/13 Tufnol Sheet chemical resistant:

  • This grade also doesn’t have a very high resistance to chemicals or acids

What are the size range and availability of the 1P/13 Tufnol Sheet:

  • We stock thicknesses from 1mm up to 25mm

Summary of 1P/13 Tufnol Sheet:

  • 1P13 Grade Tufnol sheet is a low-cost commercial paper-based laminate, produced to meet the need for an economical material where electrical requirements are moderate. As a good basic, low voltage insulation material, this grade has a higher mechanical strength than the other grades in our phenolic paper range and greater impact strength. It can be machined readily and components can be hot punched in thicknesses up to 3.2mm. This material is great for many electrical components where low voltage insulation is required. Its low cost and all-round properties make it a good choice for many less demanding mechanical duties, such as spacers, base plates, side plates, and simple jigs and fixtures.

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