Anodised Aluminium Door Threshold Strip 930mmx32mm

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Anodised Aluminium Door Threshold Strip

Excellent quality Aluminium door floor trim. Perfect for connecting wooden, laminate, carpet, vinyl or tiled floors that are at the same levels.
This product comes with a single assembly system, consisting of four screws.
The two silicone strips to create a moisture & dirt barrier around the trim, eliminates noise of cracks.

Excellent design with no visible screws or plugs. Simply drill holes in between connecting floors (or through laid flooring) slide supplied plugs into the track beneath trim ensuring they line up to the holes drilled previously.
Then just push down firmly onto the trim so the plugs are fully inserted into the holes and the silicone creates a cushion between the trim and the floor.

Aluminium door trim comes pristine in manufacturers packaging supplied with installation screws.

Dimensions: 930mm x 32mm

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