Firestone Water Based Adhesive - 2.5 Litres - (8-10m²)

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Firestone water based adhesive is designed to be used to adhere EPDM membranes to a timber substrate. This adhesive should only be used on a clean, dry and smooth bonding surface that is free of sharp edges, oil and grease.

Firestone water based adhesive works best on absorbent timber substrates. We recommend plywood or OSB that is not too shiney.

For best results, it is essential that the water based deck adhesive is thoroughly stirred with a paddle stirrer prior to use.

Coverage Rates
2.5L = 8m2 - 10m2

Application Tips

Fold back one half of the rubber and apply an even coat of water based adhesive to the deck using roller and sleeve.
Install the membrane immediately after applying the adhesive.

Adhesive is available in 2.5 litres, 5 litres and 10 litres.

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