Flexible Fire Retardant Car Van Heavy Duty Van Flooring Mats

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Flexible Fire Retardant Car Van Heavy Duty Van Flooring Mats

Flexible Car Flooring Mats is designed to offer the ultimate underlay solution for van conversions and campers. The dual layer construction has been optimised to offer both thermal and noise insulation in a single low profile sheet. 

Install directly on the van interior floorpan before your plywood layer and choice of final decoration.

This Car Floor Mat is an acoustic barrier mat designed to block unwanted noise such as road, engine and exhaust noise. The tough mass loaded vinyl top layer lowers noise, while the dense PE foam lower layer acts as perfect decoupling and thermal insulation.

This large 1.5sq.m sheet is ideal for larger custom installations and projects.

1. Sold as 1m x 1.5m Sheet

2. Acoustic barrier mat

3. Extra flexible for automotive use & easy installation

4. Sheet size: 1m x 1.5m

5. Total coverage per sheet = 1.5 sq.m / 16.1 sq.ft

6. Thickness =  7.5mm

7. MLV Density = 3kg/sq.m

8. Total Sheet weight = 4.9kg

9. Temperature Threshold = 90°C continuous / 120°C short

10. Fire Retardant to FMVSS302

11. High density but flexible

12. Significant reduction in sound transmission

Typical uses of this product:

  • Fitting to a vehicle floor to prevent road noise entering the cabin
  • Lining machine enclosures to prevent noise leakage

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