Foam Insulation Weather Seal Expanding Foam Tape 11-25mm

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Foam Insulation Weather Seal Expanding Foam Tape 11-25mm
Closed Cell Foam Strip—Adjustable and Flexible. The Neoprene sponge foam tape is easy enough to customize and cut to size with scissors or blade, and bend easily and conform to any shape.

Sealing Joints: The tape is likely designed to fill and seal gaps or joints between different surfaces. It can be applied to windows, doors, or other structural elements to prevent the infiltration of air, water, or pests.

Expanding Foam Properties: The term "expanding foam" suggests that the tape has properties similar to traditional expanding foam. When the tape is applied, it may expand to fill and conform to irregular gaps and surfaces, creating a tight seal.

600pa Seal: The "600pa" likely refers to the sealing capacity of the tape. Pascals (pa) are a unit of pressure, and 600pa indicates that the tape is designed to provide a seal that can withstand a certain amount of pressure.

Joints of 9-20mm: The tape is specifically designed for joints or gaps with a width ranging from 9 to 20mm. This makes it versatile for use in various applications where different gap sizes need to be sealed.

Foam Weather Seal—One sided foam insulation tape is designed for both industrial and commercial use. Strong adhesive backing, waterproof and non-degumming, stick firmly, great weather stripping for doors and windows.

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