Green Closed Cell Thermal Break Foam Tape 30M

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Green Closed Cell Thermalbreak Foam Tape 30M
Thermal break tape is a type of material designed to provide insulation and prevent the transfer of heat between two surfaces. It is commonly used in construction and building applications to enhance the thermal performance of windows, doors, and other building components.

Key features of thermal break tape may include:

Insulation: Thermal break tapes are often made from materials with low thermal conductivity to minimize heat transfer.

Adhesive: Many thermal break tapes come with adhesive backing, making them easy to apply to surfaces during construction or renovation.

Durability: The tape is typically designed to withstand various weather conditions and environmental factors to maintain its effectiveness over time.

Flexibility: Thermal break tape may be flexible and conformable, allowing it to be applied to different shapes and surfaces.

Compatibility: It is often used in conjunction with metal or other building materials, serving as a thermal barrier between components.
Material: Specially Formulated Closed Cell Foam Tape
Adhesive: Pressure Sensitive Acrylic
Colours Available: Green
Service Temperature: -29°C to 71°C

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