Green Oilon Plastic Sheet - 10mm To 25mm

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Oilon Sheet and block is definitely a substantial upgrade in terms of performance over Nylon 6 natural and even the black grade. Although Oilon Sheet is actually Nylon 6 its real magic is in the special additive the manufacturers mix in right at the start. Oilon has a special industrial grade oil lubricant mixed in at the very beginning of the manufacturing process which ensures that the sheet has a perfectly even blend throughout the whole structure of the sheet.
One of the first and most obvious features of Oilon Sheet is the green colour, as we have said before, the shade of the green will vary per batch, Oilon Sheet is more recently coming in as similar to British Racing Green.
Highly Rated:
In all the instances where our customers have performed some sort of trial or analysis in real life service of Oilon Sheet, it has lived up to its reputation every time. We have customers who have put Oilon Sheet through some pretty harsh and abrasive environments and its convinced them to swap from normal Nylon Sheet to Oilon Sheet. We are also told that Oilon Sheet seems to make slide blocks much quieter in operation, something that came as a bonus and captured as a selling feature.
Easy To Machine:
Because Oilon Sheet is in essence Nylon 6 Cast, it will machine in just the same way as regular Cast Nylon although the extra lubricant should provide some advantages there. Oilon Sheet is also manufactured using the cast process which inherently provides an engineering plastic with lower stress levels. It is also put through a rigorous annealing process to reduce internal stress to a minimum which means that machined components will stay pretty stable once they have finished the machining process.


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