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 A "Tactiles Fixing Kit" is a package that typically contains the necessary components and materials for installing tactile paving or tactile ground surface indicators (TGSI). These kits are commonly used in urban and public infrastructure projects to enhance accessibility and safety for individuals with visual impairments. Here's what you can generally expect to find in a Tactiles Fixing Kit:

  1. Adhesive or Bonding Agent: Tactile paving tiles are usually affixed to the ground or pavement using a specialized adhesive or bonding agent. This adhesive is designed to securely attach the tactile tiles to the existing surface, ensuring durability and stability.

  2. Screws: In addition to adhesive, tactile paving tiles may have holes or slots for screws. These screws are used to provide extra anchoring support, particularly for areas with heavy foot traffic or where the adhesive alone may not be sufficient to hold the tiles in place.

  3. Rawl Plugs or Anchors: Rawl plugs, also known as wall anchors or expansion plugs, are typically included in the kit. These plugs are inserted into pre-drilled holes in the ground or pavement, providing a stable base for the screws to grip onto. They are especially useful when attaching tactile tiles to concrete surfaces.

  4. Application Tools: Some kits may include tools such as a caulking gun or adhesive applicator to facilitate the even distribution of adhesive.

  5. Instructions: Many Tactiles Fixing Kits come with installation instructions or guidelines to ensure that the tactile paving is installed correctly and in compliance with accessibility standards and regulations.

These kits are designed to simplify the installation process and ensure that tactile paving is securely and appropriately fixed in place. Tactile paving plays a crucial role in urban design, helping individuals with visual impairments navigate safely through public spaces by providing tactile and visual cues, such as textured patterns and color contrasts. Proper installation is essential to maintain the effectiveness and longevity of these accessibility features.

SP350 Fix & Seal High Tack Adhesive - 310ml White and 30 stainless steel 4.2 x 32mm countersunk pozi self-tapping AB A2 screws and 30 rawl plugs 6 x 30mm.

Coverage: 6 standard 400x400mm tactile tiles

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