Heavy Duty Flexible Pond Liners 15Year Guarantee

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Heavy Duty Flexible Pond Liners 15Year Guarantee
The pond sizes are recommended for ponds with 1 metre depth.
15 years is the minimum manufacturer's guarantee period for pond liners.
Consider buying a pondliner larger than you think you might need - it's easy to be over enthusuastic when digging! And the liner can always be cut down to size.

Flexibility: pond liners are designed to be flexible, making them suitable for various pond shapes and sizes. This flexibility allows for easy installation and adaptation to the contours of the pond.

Durability: Look for information on the durability of the pond liner you are considering. Consider factors such as resistance to UV rays, punctures, and environmental conditions to ensure a long lifespan.

Thickness: The thickness of the pond liner is an important factor in its durability. Thicker liners generally provide more protection against punctures and wear and tear.

Ease of Installation: Pond liners are often designed for easy installation. Check if the product comes with clear instructions and whether additional tools or accessories are needed.

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