Heavy Duty Waterproof Polyethelene Coated 70 Mesh Cloth Tape - 3120

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Polyethelene Coated 70 Mesh Cloth Tape - 3120
Medium to Heavy Duty: This indicates that the tape is designed for applications that require a certain level of strength and durability. It suggests that the tape can handle moderate to heavy stress or use.

Polyethylene Coated: Polyethylene is a type of plastic that is often used for its resistance to moisture and chemicals. A polyethylene-coated tape would likely have a layer of polyethylene to provide protection and enhance durability.

70 Mesh Cloth: The term "70 mesh" refers to the number of threads per inch in the woven cloth. A higher mesh number generally indicates a finer weave. In this case, 70 mesh suggests a moderately fine weave.

Tape: This is a flexible strip or band of material that is used to bind, fasten, or cover something. In your context, it's a type of tape with specific characteristics.

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