Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive For Foam and Fabric

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Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive For Foam and Fabric
Multipurpose Adhesives:
Suitable for general bonding purposes.
Can bond paper, fabric, cardboard, foam, and lightweight materials.

Specialized Adhesives:
Some formulations are designed for specific materials like foam, fabric, or plastic.
They provide optimized bonding for particular surfaces.

Repositionable Adhesives:
Allow temporary bonding, permitting repositioning before a permanent bond sets.
High-Temperature Adhesives:

Designed to withstand elevated temperatures.
Suitable for applications where heat resistance is required.
Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Adhesives:

Formulations with reduced environmental impact.
Fast-Drying Adhesives:
Quick bond formation, suitable for applications where speed is essential.
Common Applications:
Crafts and Hobbies:
Used in scrapbooking, model building, and other DIY projects.
Graphic Arts:
Mounting posters, photographs, and artwork.
Bonding lightweight materials in interior applications.
Textile and Apparel:
Temporary fabric bonding for sewing and quilting.
Bonding insulation materials and other lightweight construction applications.
Temporary or permanent bonding of wood veneer, paper, or fabric.

Adhering labels, attaching promotional materials to packages.

Usage Tips:
Surface Preparation:
Ensure surfaces are clean and dry for optimal adhesion.
Use in well-ventilated areas to avoid inhaling fumes.
Distance and Coverage:
Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for the recommended spraying distance and coverage.
Store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources.
Ensure compatibility with the materials you are bonding.
Use personal protective equipment such as gloves and a mask if needed.

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