High Density PVC Glass Transit Foam Pads - 72 Rolls

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High Density PVC Foam Pads - 72 Rolls
Single-Sided: This indicates that the adhesive or foam pads have adhesive on only one side.

High Density PVC Foam Pads: These are likely pads made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) foam with a high-density structure. PVC foam is known for its durability, flexibility, and resistance to weathering.

Super Clean Peel: This term suggests that the adhesive has a clean and easy peeling action, meaning it comes off smoothly without leaving residue or damaging the surfaces it was attached to.

Corona Treated Adhesive: Corona treatment is a process used to enhance the adhesion properties of surfaces. In this context, the adhesive on the foam pads has likely undergone corona treatment to improve its bonding capabilities.

These types of foam pads with a single-sided adhesive and high-density PVC construction are commonly used in various industries for applications such as mounting, insulation, and vibration dampening. The clean peel feature is advantageous when you need to remove the adhesive without causing damage or leaving behind any sticky residue.
Quantity:72 Rolls
1000pcs per Roll

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