Nylon 6 Black Plastic Sheet - 1mm to 6mm Thick

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Cast Polyamide 6

Cast Nylon 6 Plastic Sheet has improved characteristics over the extruded alternative. Offering higher strength, stiffness, hardness and an improved operating temperature of 0°C to +90°C. Cast Nylon 6 range of materials are food compliant.


  • Better than ext nylons when machining
  • Similar characteristics to ext nylon 6.6
  • Good creep and wear resistance
  • Not as stressed as ext nylon
  • Available in larger sizes
  • High strength


  • Crane sheaves
  • Large gears
  • Boom pads
  • Gear racks
  • Bearings
  • Bushes

We have full range of engineering plastics including Plastic Sheet for immediate delivery from our warehouse.

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