Polyester Green High Temperature Masking Tape

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Polyester Green High Temperature Masking Tape
100% Brand New Polyester Green High Temp Masking Tape. This tape is perfect for powder coating, e-coating, plating/anodizing and general painting. Extremely clean & easy removal with no left behind residue. This high temp tape is rated to 400 degrees!
Polyester backing with a silicone adhesive
50600 green high temperature polyester/silicone masking tape
Easy to apply
High temperature resistance up to 220°C / 428°F (30min)
One piece removal without leaving residues
Used for masking off areas that are not to be coated during powder coating process
very good paint anchorage and sharp colour edge

The first choice masking tape for powder coating, most anodizing, and nickel/chrome plating that resists shrinking at high temps up to 400F. It also has good chemical resistance.

Manufactured from 2 mils flexible polyester film and 1.4 mils of silicone-based high temperature adhesive, it is designed to stick quickly with clean removal.

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