Premium Reflective Conspicuity Tape 50m Roll

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Premium Reflective Conspicuity Tape 50m Roll
4 times brighter than standard engineer grade reflective tape
Glass beads are encapsulated in a honey comb design thus creating a much brighter retro reflective tape
Will adhere to almost any smooth, clean surface, bends around curves but does not stretch, adhesive backing
Easily cut to size or shape required Our safety tape have a super long reflector distance.can reflect from long distance.

Applicable for permanent fixing on irregular surface
Excellent for repair ,crafting , book blinding and imaginative project . High performance strength and adhesion characteristics
It has god elongation property , anti vibrating , strong crack resistance , high resistance to heat , water and moisture, high seal property.
Excellent adhesiveness and strength, easy to use.
Easily cut to size or shape required.

Yellow: This color is often used for the first and last segments of the tape. It is bright and easily noticeable.

Red: Red is another key color used in the conspicuity tape. It provides good contrast and visibility.

White: White segments are also part of the tape, providing additional contrast and helping to improve overall visibility.

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