Premium Safety Interior Convex Mirror

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  • Premium Safety Interior Convex Mirror ideal for grocery shops, packaging industries and storage facilities, the convex mirror gives you a great range of vision.
  • The convex shape is designed to give you a detailed image of objects or movement in the distance without being close to the mirror itself.
  • The hardwearing mirror is able to withstand a great deal of impact and will give you a longer service life compared to regular convex mirrors.
  • Bolting the mirror on flat vertical or horizontal surfaces won't take up much of your time, and re-adjusting the mirror to face different angles is a simple process by turning the mirror's bracket.
  • Using the mirror can save you the cost of security measures that require professional installation and a great deal of maintenance.
  • Maintaining the mirror only requires that you wipe it once in a while.

Key Features:

• Shatter Resistant
• Easy Installation
• Bolts Included
• It Can Be Used As A Security Mirror In Shop Fronts To Keep An Eye On Shoplifting
• The Attached Bracket Allows The Mirror To Move Around And Point In Different Directions
• These Interior Convex Mirrors Can Withstand Most General Wear And Tear
• Suitable For Most Indoor Environments
• Available In A Variety Of Sizes

Technical Details:

  • Shatter resistant
  • Easy Installation
  • Bolts included
  • 300Mm Diameter - Viewing Distance: 2 Metres
  • 400Mm Diameter - Viewing Distance: 3 Metres
  • 500Mm Diameter - Viewing Distance: 5 Metres
  • 600Mm Diameter - Viewing Distance: 6-7 Metres
  • 3 X Screws Required For Fixing To Wall


  • Road
  • Driveways
  • Factories
  • Industry

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