Professional Clear Polyurethane UVR Coating Gloss/Matt Finish

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Professional Clear Polyurethane UVR Coating Gloss/Matt Finish
Clear Polyurethane UVR paint is an ideal protective topcoat solution over epoxy and similar floor coatings. It is also suitable as a wall paint. The clear finish will seal and protect your existing coating reducing the wear and discolouration of the system.

Easy to apply this coating is great for DIY & industrial users. When used as a topcoat it will provide excellent protection from elements both indoors and outdoors as well as offering high levels of abrasion resistance. Polyurethanes are extremely flexible, and it is this flexibility that aids in absorbing impacts, ensuring your floor remains in good working condition for many years.

Coverage Rates:
The UVR floor paint has excellent coverage rates see below:
2.5kg: 15 -20m2

Application Guide:
If using as a topcoat ensure your surface is free of any dust, dirt and contaminants. Do not apply to flaking or damaged coatings.

If applying as a top coat, to a coating over 36 hours old, the surface should be lightly abraded to ensure strong adhesion.

1. Pour 100% of your part B tin in to your part A tin.
2. Mix thoroughly for about 1 minute.
3. Pour content in to a paint scuttle.
4. Immediately begin applying the paint with a roller.
5. Once coat one has been applied leave 12-16 hours, then apply second coat.

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