Professional Creped Paper Blue Masking Tape - 50M

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Professional Creped Paper Blue Masking Tape - 50M
Painting: Blue masking tape is widely used in painting projects to create clean and straight paint lines. It adheres well to surfaces but can be removed without leaving a sticky residue behind.

Masking: It is often used to mask off areas where you don't want paint, such as window edges, baseboards, or other surfaces adjacent to the area being painted.

Construction: In addition to painting, blue masking tape can be used for various construction applications. It can help secure temporary coverings, hold items in place, or mark areas for cutting or assembly.

Identification: The blue color of the tape makes it easy to distinguish from other types of tape, such as duct tape or packaging tape. This can be especially useful on construction sites or in workshops where different tapes are used for various purposes.

Low Tack: Blue masking tape typically has a lower level of adhesive tack compared to other tapes, which makes it easier to remove without damaging surfaces or leaving behind residue.

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