PVC Norseal Intumescent Foam Tape FS1000

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PVC Norseal Intumescent Foam Tape FS1000
Norseal PVC firm density foam Tape are provided with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side for ease in placement. The paper release liner ensures the foam is protected and eliminates any stretch during the application. The firm density foam provides damping and accommodates higher compression forces. The closed-cell foam ensures adequate air, dust and water seal when compressed 30%. These materials are provided in either slit rolls for ease in application or die cut parts through our authorized
Compressible & Resilient. It compresses easily and comes back to it's original thickness after compression.
Soft, conformable foam tape for uneven surfaces. Norseal FS1000 is a soft foam tape that easily conforms to uneven

Intumescent materials are substances that swell when exposed to heat, providing fire protection by creating a barrier that insulates and slows down the transfer of heat. Intumescent foam tapes are commonly used in construction and building applications to seal gaps and joints, providing fire resistance and smoke control.
When heated to 200ºC Norseal FS1000 will expand up to 3 times it's original thickness to create a fire-resistant char which blocks fire, smoke & hot gasses

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