Self-Adhesive PVC Non Slip Black/Yellow Tape 50mm

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Self-Adhesive PVC Non Slip Black/Yellow Tape 50mm
The Anti Slip Grip Tape Is Coated An Aggressive Permanent Adhesive, Strong Self-Adhesive Backing Adheres To Variety Of Surfaces - Tile, Stone, Concrete, Metal ,Wood
Silicone Adhesive And Anti Slip Layer Can Withstand Outdoor Weather Conditions, Making The Grip Tape Ideal For Staircase, Treads, Steps, Ladders, Ramps, Scaffolding, Buses, Trailers, Etc.
When You Use The Non Slip Tape, Cut The Fillet With Scissors First, Which Will Help To Improve The Use Of Anti-Skid Tape, And It Won't Tear Easily
Multi--functional: floor tape, skateboard grip tape, boardwalk tape, decking tape.

Durable Materials: These tapes are often made from robust and durable materials to withstand heavy foot traffic and other environmental factors.

Adhesive Backing: The tapes typically come with a strong adhesive backing, allowing for easy installation on various surfaces like stairs, ramps, walkways, or floors.

Weather Resistance: Many heavy-duty non-slip tapes are designed to resist weather conditions, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

High Visibility: Some tapes come in high-contrast colors like black and yellow for increased visibility, making them easily noticeable to prevent accidents.

Customizable Sizes: They may be available in various widths and lengths, allowing users to choose the size that best fits their specific needs.

Easy Application: The installation process is usually straightforward, and the tapes can be applied to clean, dry surfaces for optimal effectiveness.

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