Self Adhesive Resilient Floor Tape 10M Roll

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Self Adhesive Resilient Floor Tape 10M Roll
Acoustic Sound Insulation tape features new technology that uses a cellular membrane to dramatically reduce vibration transfer through hard surfaces. Quiet Soundproofing Tape has a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive backing for an easy peel and place application. Quiet Sound insulation tape has excellent resistance to chemicals and petroleum products.
Quite tape is made from low density and viscoelastic cellular rubber, which means it is a poor transmitter or conductor of sound. It will dissipate sound energy.
For decoupling sound-absorbing panels
For substructures of counter walls and false ceilings
Also ideal for decoupling dry floor ribs

Durability: Resilient floor tape is designed to be durable and withstand the rigors of everyday use. It is often resistant to abrasion, tearing, and damage.

Adhesive Strength: The tape typically has a strong adhesive backing that adheres well to various flooring surfaces, ensuring it stays in place once applied.

Visibility: Resilient floor tape is often available in bright colors or with high-visibility stripes, making it easily noticeable.

Easy Application: Many types of resilient floor tape are designed for easy application. They may have a peel-and-stick backing or other features that simplify the installation process.

Removability: While the tape needs to be durable, it should also be removable without causing damage to the underlying flooring. This is especially important when floor markings need to be changed or updated.

Chemical Resistance: Resilient floor tape may have resistance to chemicals and liquids, ensuring that it remains effective even in environments where spills are common.

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