Slip Duct Fixing Plate

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Slip Duct Fixing Plate

Slip Duct Fixing Plates are designed to create a solid point to either start your ducting or fix your ducting solid to the floor.

Fixing Plates are mainly used to create a solid fixing where there are no Walls to fix back to with Split Rings.

The Fixing Plate can either be solid or have a hole through the middle of it.  If you securing your ducting to the Floor then you wouldn't need a hole through the plate,  if you are fixing the Plate to a Wall and you want to vent to the outside then you would need a Hole through the middle.

The Fixing Plate has 4 holes in the plate to secure your ducting against most surfaces.

The Fixing Plates are made from 2mm galvanised steel and 0.8mm galvanised collar to attach to your ducting.

- Perfect finish to your Ductwork system.
- Are manufactured using only the highest quality galvanised steel.
- Designed to be fixed on to any flat surface and then the connection will suit Clip Duct.
- Fixing Plate will be approx 50mm bigger than the diameter of the attached pipe.

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