Standard Clear Adhesive Glue Dots Roll

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Standard Clear Adhesive Glue Dots Roll
High Tack:
These glue dots have a strong initial tack, ensuring a quick and secure bond between surfaces.
The adhesive is formulated to be removable without causing damage to surfaces or leaving behind sticky residue.
The adhesive activates with pressure, making it easy to apply by simply pressing the surfaces together.
Suitable for a wide range of applications, such as attaching promotional materials, affixing product samples, securing lightweight items, and more.
Crafting and DIY Projects:
Popular in the crafting and DIY community for tasks like scrapbooking, card making, and other creative projects where a temporary bond is needed.
Used in packaging applications where items need to be secured during transit but also easily removable without damage.
Manufacturing and Assembly:
Applied in manufacturing processes for temporary bonding of components or parts during assembly.
Temporary Displays:
Ideal for creating temporary displays in retail settings or for events, allowing for easy removal and repositioning without surface damage.
Clean Removal:
The glue dots are designed to cleanly peel away, minimizing the need for additional cleaning or residue removal.

High Tack Removeable Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Glue Dots
5,000 per Roll
Standard Size 10mm (other sizes made to order)

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