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You need to prepare new or unpainted concrete in the right way and reduce its alkalinity with an acid-based etchant. This is a really easy way to do so, as you just use a watering can with a rose spout and sprinkle on. Leave on the floor for about 15 minutes then scrub off with a stiff broom and wash off with copious quantities of cold water. And that’s it, concrete etched. It will even clean up stained brickwork or cement.


Firstly take the Stair Nosing Uk test to see if you need to use Etchant. Rub the edge of a coin on your bare concrete floor. If laitance (powdery, flaky bits) comes off then you do.

Preparing Concrete or Painting
Paint needs to penetrate into concrete to get a ‘key’. Acid etching helps to achieve this. It also removes loose cement and dirt deposits and reduces the risk of paint failure because of a loose surface.


Use a plastic watering can with a rose spout to evenly distribute the liquid.

Give the area a good scrub with a stiff brush or mechanical cleaner. Wait for about 15 minutes, during which time you will see the product fizzing away as it gently eats into the concrete. When it has stopped fizzing, wash off with lots of cold water. The concrete should look cleaner and whiter and like it is ready for painting.

In extreme circumstances, you may need to repeat the exercise. You’ll know by repeating the coin test.

20m² per 5 litres - It is important you don’t exceed this area as the product must not be spread too thinly.

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