Top Hat Buffer (110mm x 25mm x 40mm)

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Top Hat Buffer (110mm x 25mm x 40mm refers to a specific type of buffer device or component with dimensions of 110 millimeters in length, 25 millimeters in width, and 40 millimeters in height, shaped like a top hat. Buffers are often used in various industries for shock absorption, vibration dampening, or to act as a protective barrier between moving parts.


  • Material Composition:  This buffer is made from material of rubber.
  • Durable Construction: It should be designed to withstand repeated compression and impact without deforming or losing its effectiveness.
  • Dimensional Stability: The buffer should maintain its specified dimensions (110mm x 25mm x 40mm) even under varying temperatures and environmental conditions.
  • Easy Installation: The buffer should be easy to install or mount onto the desired surface or component using screws, or other fastening methods.

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