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Transparent Double Sided Tape - 4965
Adhesive Properties: Tape 4965 is designed with a powerful adhesive on both sides, allowing it to create a strong bond between surfaces.

Transparency: One of the notable features of this tape is its high transparency. This makes it suitable for applications where a discreet or invisible bond is desired, particularly when working with transparent materials.

Substrate Compatibility: It is often used for bonding materials like glass, acrylic, and other transparent substrates. However, it may also be suitable for bonding other materials, depending on the specific application.

Temperature Resistance: Tape 4965 is typically designed to offer good temperature resistance. This means it can maintain its adhesive properties and bonding strength over a range of temperatures.

Versatility: This tape is versatile and can be used in various applications, including in the automotive industry, electronics, signage, and other areas where transparent bonding is required.

Durability: Tape products are generally known for their durability, and Tape 4965 is no exception. It is engineered to provide a long-lasting and reliable bond.

Application: The tape is usually applied by removing a protective liner to expose the adhesive on both sides. The user then applies the tape to the surfaces that need to be bonded together.

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