Tubesca-Comabi Meca Modul System – Work Platforms

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Meca-Modul Work Platforms, available from 1-5 tread, together with handrails and guardrails, are designed for easy assembly. The platforms are available from 0.5m to 2.0m lengths. The modular units are ideal for various types of production lines, including temporary or permanent workstations.

Every industrial environment is different. From maintenance, manufacturing, industrial processes, all of which have a wide range of risks to resolve. Managing working at height risks in environments like these offer distinct challenges.

Traditionally you have a choice, either standard solutions or tailor-made solutions. As a result of this complexity, to find a suitable system that can expand over time, the Meca Modul System (MMS) was born. MMS is unique because it can adapt to your changing environment.

Modules are pre-designed and adapted to many access, work and circulation situations in an industrial environment. The modules are straightforward to assemble, and neither do you need specialist teams to install or significant downtime to commission into service.

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