White Draught Excluder Tape Roll

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White Draught Excluder Tape Roll
Firm, waterproof, dustproof and airtight closed cell foam
Minimal Compression for tight seal between surfaces
Easy, self-adhesive application; seals top and sides of doors and windows

Draught excluder tape typically comes in rolls of varying lengths, including 12-meter rolls. This type of tape is designed to seal gaps around doors and windows, preventing drafts and improving energy efficiency in a home or building.

When searching for draught excluder tape, consider the specific needs of your doors and windows, as there are different types and materials available. Common materials for draught excluder tape include rubber, foam, or silicone, and the tape may have adhesive backing for easy installation.

Make sure to measure the areas where you plan to apply the tape to ensure you get the right length. If you have specific requirements or preferences, such as a particular thickness or flexibility, check the product specifications before making a purchase.

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