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Oilon Rod:

  • Oilon Rod, we get regularly reminded by our customers that this is a plastic that really does live up to its star billing.

Oilon Rod last:

  • One of our regular customers produces heavy-duty compacting machinery and reported that Oilon Rod over its lifetime would last around 4 times longer than the same components made in black Nylon Rod. After initially trailing Oilon Rod for a batch, the feedback was that they were to swap completely to Oilon Rod for all their rollers as the cost was not significantly more but the performance certainly was.

Is Oilon Rod quieter:

  • Another part of the feedback was that items made from Oilon Rod were much quieter in service, the Oilon rollers made hardly any noise which along with the increased wear rates became a great selling feature for them.
  • Although Oilon has been around for quite a few years now, its full potential has not been realized, it's an engineering plastic just like other Nylon Rods but in an abrasive environment it will really live up to expectations.

What is Oilon Rod:

  • The first thing that strikes you is that Oilon Rod is green. This green can vary in shade as the manufacturers concentrate on performance rather than any cosmetic appearance but as soon as you pick it up you notice a very slight oily surface and that’s the secret. Oilon Rod has within its structure, an industrial, specially blended oil mixed during the early part of the manufacturing process. This oil gives Oilon Rod its massively increased wear resistance, reduced friction, and along with that a much quieter operation.
  • Components made from Oilon Rod will seem to run much more freely as the oil will reduce the friction quite substantially.

Oilon Rod more economical:

  • Over time Oilon Rod will start to repay your initial investment by reducing any ongoing maintenance because Oilon already has its lubrication built within its whole structure, the self-lubrication always continues and so reduces the potential for any ongoing maintenance.

Oilon Rod made:

  • Oilon Rod is a Nylon 6 with the added oil and as such will machine just as easily as other Nylon Rod. Its also manufactured using the casting process which means that once its annealed Oilon Rod will have lower internal stress than some extruded materials which means that components will be relatively more stable and have less tendency to distort after machining.
  • Oilon Rod comes in a similar size range to the regular cast Nylon 6 Rod range so getting the most economical size needed is very easy.
  • Industrial Products has been supplying Oilon Rod for nearly twenty years and as it's one of our key products, our stock of Oilon Rod is always one of the highest around.

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