PVC Flexible Flooring Transition Profile Door Threshold 3M Long

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PVC Flexible Flooring Transition Profile Door Threshold 3M Long
Flex line is a special flexible flooring profile. If you’re looking for a type of curved carpet bar this is a perfect trim to finish curved edges with a small radius. It is the only profile to finish surfaces around columns. This profile is made of homogenous thermoplastic material.Flexibility is guaranteed in a cold state at 60cm and at 30cm radius in a warm state. It can be used on floors that have already been laid. It’s waterproof and can be used in wet rooms. Adjusts perfectly to floors of different heights (carpet, parquet, laminate flooring, vinyl and tiles).

Simple fixing! Draw the line required on the prepared base (e.g. floor), taking into account the bend radius. Simply screw the base down to the floor in the required position. Place the flex line trim in to warm water (40-60 C / 104-140 F ) to soften for approximately 15mins before installation as in its original state it is not as elastic.

Each trim comes pristine in manufacturers packaging supplied with flexible base (option 1) for installation. Screws are not included (you can use any multipurpose screws or plugs depending on the surface type). Other lengths such as 6, 9 & 12m are available, please contact us for details.

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