Heavy Duty UV Resistant HDPE Pond Liner With Free Underlay

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Heavy Duty UV Resistant HDPE Pond Liner With Free Underlay
THE ULTIMATE COMBO - The Swell HDPE Pond Liner Lifetime With Underlay combines our most popular pond liner and underlay with an unequalled lifetime guarantee.
COMPLETE POND PROTECTION - Our liner is designed to be laid over the underlay to create a barrier to protect your pond from punctures and leaks.
AN OUTSTANDING LINER - The liner itself is made from 0.35mm-thick HDPE with a UV-resistant coating - for unbeatable durability.
QUALITY FOR A LIFETIME - We offer this liner set with a lifetime guarantee so you can be sure the liner will withstand the test of time.
A RANGE OF SIZES - From wildlife ponds to Goldfish ponds and even Koi ponds, we have a size of liner to suit everyone.
Our most popular pond liner, this HDPE pond liner is designed to be laid over the included underlay to stop your water garden from draining into the earth beneath it.

This liner is made from 0.35mm-thick HDPE which is UV-resistant and supple, for an easy setup and long-lasting durability. We sell this liner with manufacturer protection against UV damage for added peace of mind.

Pond liners keep the water in your pond from draining into the surrounding earth.
A correctly installed pond liner protects your fish and pond as a whole.
Underlay protects your pond liner from roots and rocks that can easily rip or puncture your liner.

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