Non-Slip DeckGrip Max Anti Slip GRP Structural Decking Boards For Walkways

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Non-Slip DeckGrip Max Anti Slip GRP Structural Decking Boards For Walkways
DeckGrip Max Anti Slip GRP Structural Decking Boards are a long-lasting anti-slip solution to replace the wooden planks on decking.

Suitable as - the ultimate solution to replacing your constantly rotting hardwood or timber wooden decking - especially in areas with harsh weather or water conditions.
Ideal for - walkways, access bridges, marinas, and ramps. Spans of up to 1350mm can be achieved without additional support.
Extremely hard-wearing and durable - with our 10-year guarantee you can rest assured our composite fiber reinforced heavy-duty deck boards will last. Furthermore, they are impervious to water and will not rot or harbor mold like wood.
Anti-slip - the anti-slip surface ranks 70 Dry, 65 Wet (Extremely low slip potential) on the PTV scale.
Aesthetically pleasing - when replacing your timber decking, our GRP Structural Decking Boards easily blend into the existing environment.


Lengths: 1200mm or 2400mm
Width: 120mm
Thickness: 6mm

Decking Brown

How to Install:
DeckGrip Max is available in individual plank profiles at 1200mm long and can be installed using techniques similar to those used when installing timber decking.

For larger projects, pre-connected panels can be made to order. This allows for several plank profiles to be connected together to form a pallet of decking thus reducing installation time and fixings. An extended lead time should be allowed for pre-connected panels.

Dry fit all DeckGrip Max panels to ensure that they fit freely and that they sit flat down on to the surface.

If required, DeckGrip can be trimmed on site to suit using an industrial jigsaw and appropriate cutting blades (Bosch “T101 A1F” or similar are ideal).

Over Timber Supports

Simply drill a hole through the DeckGrip panels and fix through the Spax screw into the timber supports. 75mm Spax screws recommended. For pre-joined panels a fixing is only required every fifth plank profile (approximately 50mm in from the plank edge).

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