Buffer (36mm x 27mm)

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It seems you're referring to a buffer with dimensions of 36mm x 27mm. Buffers are often used in various applications to dampen impact, reduce noise, or provide cushioning. The dimensions you provided (36mm x 27mm) likely refer to the length and width of the buffer.

Here are some possible contexts where such a buffer might be used:

  1. Furniture: Buffers of this size could be used in furniture construction, such as on the corners of cabinets or drawers to prevent them from slamming shut or to provide a soft close feature.

  2. Doors: They might also be used in door frames or hinges to cushion the impact when doors are closed, reducing noise and preventing damage to the door or frame.

  3. Automotive: In automotive applications, buffers of this size could be used in various parts of the vehicle to reduce vibration, noise, or impact.

  4. Electronics: Buffers are often used inside electronic devices to absorb shocks and vibrations, protecting delicate components.

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